• Irvine Dog Training

    Patience, Care, and Compassion

    Every Dog and its owner has a unique personality and disposition. Because of this, every Dog needs to be trained differently and their owners need to be coached differently. This requires a unique trainer, with a wide range of experience and a wealth of knowledge.

    Whether you have a need to train your Puppy, Young Dog or Older Dog, Pam4Paws will give you the expert guidance to effectively Coach you to train your dog. If you expect outstanding service , you can count on Pam4Paws to train with integrity, patience, love and compassion.

    Pam4paws offers:

    • Private lessons
    • Family lessons
    • Puppy Training ( 8 weeks up)
    • Basic canine obedience training
    • Advanced canine obedience training
    • House breaking (Puppies and older dogs)
    • Training for older dogs
    • Canine socialization
    • In-Home or Public Park Training
    • Controlled Unleashed Training
    • Behavior modification for timid dogs
    • Reactivity management towards other Dogs, children and strangers
    • Barking, chewing, digging resolution, jumping up on people and furniture, mounting, play biting, pulling on leash, Door Dashing, Stealing Food and Obsessive/Compulsive behavior.