10 Things your new dog wants you to know…

    Caring for a dog.    Lana – Rescued Dog
  1. Thank you for adopting me.  Since I am new, I’ll need to know the boundaries.
  2. Please introduce to me everyone.
  3. I need an I.D. Tag on a collar with all of my information.  A microchip will help get me back to you if I get lost.  (If your new dog is a puppy, wait to chip until they are old enough.. .usually when they are spayed or neutered.)
  4. I need all of my shots updated.  Find a veterinarian you trust and I’ll be happy and healthy.
  5. Train me right away, and train me the right way.
  6. I like your food,  but dog food only, please.  And please introduce me slowly to any new food.
  7. I need fresh water every day, preferably in a bowl.
  8. Show me where to “go”.  The right place and the time will keep us both happy.
  9. And I know you’re busy, but don’t be too busy for quality playtime.
  10. Please be patient.  I’m adjusting.  I know how to be a dog, but I don’t know how to live in a human would.  Please learn to read my body language.  Once you have my trust you’ll have my heart forever.

     (These tips are courtesy of PetCo)

      If you would any help with these tasks, please contact PAM  (owner) of Pam 4 Paws)

                                                             Telephone #  949-378-2118