Pamela Johnson

Certified Pet Dog Trainer Specialist

Pamela Johnson is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) with over twelve years of experience working with families who have puppies with misbehavior and reactivity issues. At Wag and Wiggles, she completed a year and a half internship, training multiple dog breeds, to pass the CPDT test. While interning at Wags, she finished a two-year agility class and received several 1st-place blue ribbons at her first CPE agility trial. To gain experience working with Pit Bills, she volunteered for the Orange County Pit Bull Rescue.

Years of research and personal experience have been instrumental in developing Pamela’s unique training techniques. Her experience began with successfully training her family’s pet German Shepherds. At that time, she realized that she had a gift connecting with animals in that they responded to her commands immediately.

In response to helping her reactive Maltese, Lily, Pamela studied and applied the techniques she learned from the Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) method. This method has been extremely effective in empowering Lily to remain in a calm state of mind when encountering other dogs. Pamela believes that training should be a fun, effective, and easy-to-follow process. In the training sessions, you will have the opportunity to apply what you are learning, which will give you the confidence needed to get the results you desire from your dog.