Mara L

We found Pam upon a recommendation from a client who said she was amazing. We soon learned her knowledge of training pups was more than we could have asked for. We purchased her puppy package for in-home training sessions with our French Bulldog, Greta.

Not only did Pam teach us how to interact with her, but Greta LOVED her and learned so much from her visits. At only four months, Greta is now potty trained, comes on command, sits on command, gives, ‘hi-fives,’ is crate trained, started to learn how to go on walks with a harness, knows command, ‘up,’ and ‘off,’ can fetch, and we learned how to calm her when she gets over stimulated. She even began some skateboarding with her!

Of course we have to put in the work to continue to in grain these things in a puppy, but I can’t even begin to convey the wealth of knowledge Pam imparted on us, so that we could acclimate more into puppy life and so Greta fit into ours.

Pam teaches the human as well as the dog giving you a wealth of information, going above and beyond so that you know why a dog does the things they do, how to manage the behavior, and how the dog will absorb the training. She eased my worries and I was pleasantly surprised how expertly she worked with little ones.

I can’t recommend her services enough.

 Cynthia and Kevin Woods

We wanted to let you know how happy we are with your training services. We noticed a difference in our beagle, Bernie, almost immediately. The techniques you showed us have enabled us to maintain all the progress Bernie has made. Thanks for everything!

Marilee O., Newport Beach, CA

Pam is my first and only choice for petsitting. She is one of the few people I completely trust to take care of my dog Bailey. I know that she will treat him like he is one of her own and that his every need will be met. It makes my trips out of town much more enjoyable, because I know I do not have to worry about him feeling anxious when I am gone. He regards her house as his second home and he doesn’t even notice when I leave, which is wonderful! I also highly recommend her for dog training. She has helped me through difficult behavioral issues with Bailey, as well as teaching him some great tricks. As a result, I have received many compliments about what a well-trained dog I have. She comes with the highest of recommendations by me. I don’t know what I would do without her services!

 Dave C., Costa Mesa

Pam has helped with two of my untrained foster dogs and had brought miraculous results to both. These are lovely dogs that have been rescued from difficulty and have unknown pasts, but Pam has welcomed them, adapted her techniques to their individual needs, captured their attention and brought immediate changes. I find it amazing that she understands them and knows what to do. They look at her with such attention and respect and it is lovely to see. My current challenge is Lady who is sweet but aggressive toward other dogs. Pam has used her dog to train Lady to be calm and focus on me instead of the distraction of the other dogs. This, in one lesson but will be reinforced over time as we break down the problem. Just great! And understand that it is really the owners who need the most training as we learn to do the right things and reinforce the training techniques. She is equally patient with us humans. I can heartily recommend Pam without reservation. In the first lesson you will love the results.

 Mel S., Aliso Viejo, CA

Pam is the most compassionate, loving caretaker and trainer an animal could find! She loves my furry baby like he is her own. In addition to her natural affection for animals, she is a trained professional who achieves impressive results. For example, she has the patience and tenacity to teach a maltese to respond to voice commands. Maltese are notoriously stubborn and training averse, but Pam works magic!

Laura M,. San Francisco, CA

Absolutely 5 stars. I was traveling down to OC and after a plan for dog sitting fell through I was in a pinch, needing a last-minute boarding solution for my dog Precious. I called Pam and she called me back within a half hour and was willing to take in my dog even though she usually boards dogs a bit smaller than mine. She kept my dog in her own home, not in some kennel outside or in a room by herself. She made a point that she doesn’t leave the dog alone, and even cancelled another plan she had so she could watch my dog. All in all, she was VERY accommodating, obviously went out of her way to help me out, and even showed my husband and me some tips for training Precious some new tricks! When we arrived for pick up, Precious was happy to see us but you could tell she was totally happy being there and wasn’t nervous or anxious to get out. Needless to say, I would recommend Pam to anyone needing dog boarding.

Wendy C., Torrance, CA

We found Pam on yelp and took a chance with her to train our new puppy Lucie when we rescued her at 10 wks. She responded back to my request promptly and her prices were affordable. Since this was our 1st pup and 1st in-home training we were a bit wary, but Pam turned out to be a great match. She gave us the tools we needed to build Lucie’s foundation for following cues using clicker training. Now she can sit, go to her mat, “touch”, down, and ring the bell to go out to potty! More importantly, Pam is compassionate and you can tell she really loves the animals she works with. We trust her and the work she does and she has become our go-to person for boarding -better than any board and care!! And the best part after leaving Lucie w/ Pam overnight is that she comes back to us tired from all the play and training! Nothing like a tired puppy = good puppy!

 Barbara W., Laguna Niguel, CA

Say YES! Pam is the best of the best. Whether you are looking for dog training, dog sitting, dog walking, dog socialization… Pam is absolutely the best of the best. She has not only trained my older dogs, but my puppies, and my son’s puppies, my daughter’s puppy and my puppy AND, my friend’s friend’s puppy… why? Because she is the best. Her methods to train are KIND not cruel. My puppy now does circles on her hind legs… the pitbull ROLLS OVER… the dogs stay, sit, come on command.. and our biggest problem of house training has been successfully eliminated – YAY!! As good as it gets? YES… Oh… and did I mention she’s affordable? What a blessings she has been for my dog-loving family and friends.

Mark and Grace Wilson

Wow! We were so surprised at how quickly our dog Riley improved behaviorally. No more destroyed furniture and no more biting. We expected it to take more than six months. We were pleasantly surprised that Riley had been trained in six weeks. Kudos to you!

Dawn and Mario Hernandez

I love the patience and care shown by Pam and her assistants. They took their time and really connected with my Dog, Max. Our children love to play with Max now, and we aren’t afraid of him biting anymore. Our family is at peace again. Thanks!

Joe Flannigan

I am amazed at the range of knowledge that Pam4Paws possesses. I never thought they she could help me with our Dog, Lucy. I thought that she wouldn’t be able to help us stop our dog from Door Dashing, obsessive barking and jumping up on everyone. Much Gratitude!!!

Kathleen G., Costa Mesa, CA

Pam has been a godsend to me. She is helping me with my wonderful but stubborn 15 month old poodle, “Layla”. I cannot say enough about her knowledge, professionalism and most of all, compassion regarding my little ‘challenge’. We have made so much progress, Layla absolutely adores Pam and so do I! If you hire Pam, you will be assured of an excellent result in your dog’s behavior. I am so pleased with her and highly recommend her service.

 Tasha S., Irvine, CA

I am such a fan of Pam. We are so glad to have her join our team at Granted Wishes K9. She’s clearly a dedicated, loving dog owner herself, and shares her magical connection to dogs with her clients. I met her through my Meetup group, IDOGS, where she regularly brings her dog, Lily to work on her insecurities around new dogs. Pam is kind, patient, professional, and such a joy to speak to. Clearly knowledgeable and competent, she’s in it for the dogs… a great find. 

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