Dog Training Services

Here is a list of all of the Dog Training Services we provide:

In-Home Dog Evaluations

Dog evaluations begin with a free phone consultation to learn why you are currently looking for a professional evaluation. During the phone consultation, we learn more about your dog(s) and choose the location for the evaluation After the dog evaluation is complete, we will discuss with you our professional opinion regarding your dog’s behavior. We will then advise what future steps need to be taken to reach your training goals. Evaluations are not necessary to begin a training program with us.

Private Sessions

This course is popular among clients who are mainly concerned with resolving a few behaviors that are concerning to the owner. We specifically target unwanted behavior you may be experiencing with your dog and redirect it to more appropriate behavior. Along with modifying problematic behavior, we help you choose a few specific commands that will be useful for your dog to know.

In-home Puppy Training

This course is designed to start your puppy on the correct path to being a well-trained dog. We will show you how to train your puppy the proper way from the start. Through learning how to effectively train your puppy at a young age you will avoid many common problems that often appear in untrained adolescent dogs. Along with proper training implementation, we also teach you how to resolve common puppy problems such as destructive behavior, mouthing, whining in the crate, and house soiling.

Puppy Board & Train Programs

Our boarding and training programs provide a home like environment where your dog receives ample socialization, playtime, and training sessions with us. Your dog receives an abundance of training and interaction from us daily.