Puppy Board & Train Programs

Our Board and Train programs are ideal for puppy parents that don’t have time to train or are going on vacation.

At Pam4Paws we provide customized training programs in a home environment where your dog receives ample socialization, playtime, and multiple training sessions throughout the day.

We offer a variety of programs to fit you and your dog’s needs. Whether you need us to resolve problematic behavior, training your puppy basic commands, or want peace of mind while you are on vacation, you can be worry-free knowing your dog is in an enriching structured environment.

Our Board & Train Programs

Puppy Bootcamp I

This program can be customized to accommodate owners who need their puppy to learn a few basic commands.

Duration: 1 Week

Rate:         $840

*Refunds are subject to trainers discretion 

Puppy Bootcamp II

This is our most popular board & train program. In this program, we focus on house manners and basic obedience. It is a popular program for dog owners that want their puppy to stop participating in unwanted behavior and respond to training commands. We will set the foundation for general obedience indoors and out; working on come touch, sit, down, stand, look at me, stays, walking on a loose leash, leave-it, drop it, get it, take it, playing tug approximately, (Tricks if time allows). Socialization with other dogs and strangers is also a large part of the program.

Program Includes:

  • 1 Hour Session when you pick up your dog
  • 1 Follow up session in your home

Duration: 2 weeks

Rate:         $1680

*Refunds are subject to trainers discretion 

Puppy Bootcamp III

This program focuses on the puppy becoming more reliable with the obedience commands. Resulting in the puppy becoming a well-mannered companion in and outside the home.

Program Includes:

  • 1-hour session when you pick up your dog
  • 1 Follow up session in your home

Duration: 4 Weeks

Rate:         $3360

*Refunds are subject to trainers discretion 

Supplemental Training

This program is a good option for clients who want a professional to provide supplemental training for their dogs. We recommend this program for clients to use in conjunction with one of our private session courses or for clients who are going on vacation and would like their dog’s training to be continued and elevated while they are away.

Program Includes:

  • 1 Hour Session when you pick up your dog

Duration: 1 week

Rate:        $840

*Refunds are subject to trainers discretion 

Puppy Board and Train Programs are an effective way to get your pup off to a great start in life. With the help of Pam 4 Paws, you can ensure that your pup is well-behaved, confident, and happy. Board and train programs give puppies the opportunity to learn basic commands and proper etiquette for interacting with people and other pets.

At Pam4Paws, our Puppy Board & Train program is designed to ensure that your pup gets the best possible start in life. We understand that as pet parents, we want our pups to be as healthy and well-behaved as possible so they seamlessly fit into our family. Our puppy board and train program will provide your pup with the highest quality training methods which focus on positive reinforcement techniques that will help create a strong relationship between you and your pup.

Our unique approach focuses on building trust between you and your puppy by helping them establish confidence in their environment while also teaching them basic commands such as sit, stay, down, come, off, heel, no jumping up on people or furniture, etc. We’ll then begin teaching them proper behavior around children or other animals if applicable.

Before enrolling in our program we recommend scheduling a consultation so that we can discuss any specific goals or behaviors you may have for your pup prior to their arrival at our home. During their stay with us we will focus on establishing key good manners such as polite housebreaking habits along with teaching all of the basics (sit/stay/come/heel) plus anything else you might need help with teaching your new pup! We tailor each session based upon the unique needs of each puppy ensuring that every one of our furry guests receives individualized attention throughout their stay with us!

Pam 4 Paws has years of experience working with puppies from all backgrounds who have gone on to become well-mannered members of society. Each session is designed to develop both you and your pet’s understanding of one another as well as provide guidance for continued success after leaving our home. All of us work hard to accommodate any special requests or concerns you may have regarding your pet’s training regimen so don’t hesitate to reach out directly!

At Pam4Paws we know how important it is for pet owners like yourself feel comfortable when signing up for one of our programs; therefore we offer several different options depending upon what works best for you:

  • We offer 2-week board & train packages where dogs learn basic obedience skills as mentioned previously (sit/stay/come/heel). During this time they live at our home so they can also learn socialization skills while being supervised by us throughout their stay;
  • We also offer shorter 1-day private lessons where clients can bring their pets into ours home for some intense one-on-one training sessions focused solely on the specific issues they are having;
  • In addition we also offer discounted package deals if multiple private lesson sessions are purchased at once!

No matter which option works best for you rest assured that we are highly experienced professionals who consider safety a top priority when it comes to dealing with puppies and young dogs – making sure not only that they’re learning how to behave properly but also having fun during their time here too! So if you’re looking for an efficient way to teach yourself how to better manage behavioral issues or just wanting professional advice on raising a healthy happy puppy then call us today!