In-home Dog Evaluations

Dog evaluations begin with a phone consultation to learn why you are seeking our professional help. During the consultation, we gather information to develop a recommendation to bring about the desired outcome. We will then decide the best assessment location, for example, your home, park, retail store, etc. After completing the evaluation, a decision will determine the next course of action and the possible number of sessions needed.  

Duration:   1 ½ hour session

Rate:           $175 up (per session)

Types of dog evaluations we offer:

  • Puppies or adult dog(s) you currently own
  • Prospective puppy(s) or adult dog(s) that you may be adopting
  • A dog that you recently adopted.

Dog behavior evaluation is an important part of ensuring your pet’s overall health and wellbeing. It helps to assess their level of obedience, behavior, and any potential training needs as well as identify any behavioral issues that may be present. By understanding the behaviors and habits of your pet, you can make informed decisions regarding the best care for them.

Before beginning a dog’s behavioral evaluation, it is important to observe your pet in its natural environment. This will provide you with valuable insights into how they interact with other animals or humans, as well as their reaction to different situations and environments. Additionally, this step is important in identifying any existing medical conditions that should be addressed prior to evaluating their behaviors further.

Once we have gathered information about your pet’s behavior through observation, we will ask questions about the pet’s personality traits, past experiences, daily routine, and more specific concerns such as aggression or fear of certain objects or people. A comprehensive review of these topics will help create a better understanding of what makes up your pet’s unique behavior and how it can best be managed.

As part of the evaluation process, professionals may also use additional tools such as questionnaires to gain further insight into the animal’s temperament and behaviors specifically related to interactions with other animals or people. Additionally, they may conduct video recordings in order to observe their interactions even more closely or use surveys filled out by other individuals who have interacted with your pet on a regular basis so that they can better understand their typical responses in different scenarios.

The results from these evaluations are used to determine things such as whether there are any underlying medical conditions causing certain types of behaviors or if changes need to be made in order to create a healthier relationship between you and your pup. This information also allows us to develop customized management plans designed specifically for each individual dog which often involve lifestyle modifications or additional training sessions if needed. In some cases medication may also be prescribed depending on the severity of any symptoms present.

Above all else though it is essential that owners provide an appropriate amount of love and attention during all stages of dog behavior evaluation so that our pets feel safe and secure when interacting with us and those around them. This includes making sure we give them plenty of positive reinforcement when they are displaying good behaviors while being firm but not aggressive when correcting undesirable ones so that our pets learn what is expected from them without feeling intimidated or fearful in any way – both during assessments as well as after them too!