Downsizing and Moving
You’ve owned a large property for many years, and while you love your home, you simply don’t need so much square footage anymore. You’re more than ready to downsize – but as a pet owner, you’re wondering how to handle this process with your furry friend. If you need help finding the perfect pet-friendly home, Pam for Paws is here for you! Plus, here’s how to nix moving stress, get your home ready to list, and more.

1. Maintain a Stress-Free Atmosphere

There’s no denying the fact that moving is stressful. While you might be feeling a little overwhelmed, it’s important to remember that your pet can pick up on your emotions, whether you’re nervous about moving or dealing with work-related stress.

Try your best to shield your pet from your stress so that they don’t get anxious, too! To free up time in your day, consider asking to work from home for one or two days each week, or budget for a pet sitter occasionally so that your pet gets plenty of exercise and playtime.

2. Prepare Your Home for Sale

Pet owners who are staging their homes for sale should be prepared to deep clean each room before welcoming prospective buyers for showings. Make sure to vacuum or sweep up any pet hair on your floors or furniture, and do your best to remove any stains on your carpet. If you have a showing scheduled, you may need to drop off your pet with a friend or relative who can watch them, or arrange for them to stay with a pet sitter.

To impress potential buyers, you’ll also want to take care of any essential repairs and updates. This should include fixing issues like leaky pipes and cracked windows, as these problems can turn off buyers.

3. Declutter Before Downsizing

You can’t move into a smaller home with decluttering! The Home That Roams recommends setting up a spreadsheet to keep track of your belongings, tossing or donating items you don’t need or want anymore, and digitizing certain belongings, like photos or paperwork, to cut down on the amount of moving boxes you’ll need.

Digitizing paperwork can also be a helpful way to declutter and start a great organizational strategy moving forward. When getting started, the best option is an OCR scanning smartphone app. While it will feel like you’re taking a picture, the app is actually scanning and converting the image to a PDF, which you can then edit, merge, split, and save to the cloud for easy access.

4. Find a Pet-Friendly Property

As you house hunt, think beyond a property’s square footage and consider which features your pet would enjoy, too! SimpleShowing recommends prioritizing properties with fenced-in yards and durable flooring that are located in walkable neighborhoods with ample sidewalks. Ask your real estate agent to show you properties that fit the bill!

Make sure that your pet is ready to meet new friends in a new neighborhood. If you need help training your pup, contact Pam for Paws to set up a training session.

5. Moving Day

When it’s finally time to pack up the moving trucks and hit the road, pay special attention to your pet’s needs. Bring plenty of food and water for the drive and plan for regular pit stops along your route. If your pet tends to get antsy in the car, talk to their veterinarian about medication options.

6. Pet-Proof Your New Home

You’ve officially moved in, and you can’t wait to unpack and settle in! Don’t forget to take steps to pet-proof your new home as soon as you arrive. American Humane recommends securing your garbage cans, storing cleaning supplies and medications in cabinets your pet can’t access, and keeping any wires out of your pet’s reach. As you take boxes into your new home, keep your pet in a crate so that they can’t dash out the door when you’re not looking!

Settle into Your New Home with Your Pet

Downsizing with your pet does take some extra effort. But with the right approach, you can successfully move to a smaller home with your animal companion by your side. By following these tips, you’ll be able to keep stress at a minimum as you plan your move, clean and prep your home for showings, and get the keys to a home where your pet will be happy!

Photo via Unsplash