7 Steps to Traveling

Maybe you’ve dreamed about becoming a digital nomad, but you worry that you’re stuck at your 9-to-5 job because you own a pet, and you would never want to leave them behind. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever for pet owners to travel the world and work as digital nomads! Today, Pam4Paws shares some tips and resources to help you start your digital nomad journey with your pet, from launching your business to landing your very first gigs.

Define Your Professional Path

First, figure out which freelance services you can offer remotely. Think about your digital skill set and how you can translate it into tangible value for clients. Depending on your talents and interests, Go Visa Free recommends copywriting, social media management, video editing, website development, graphic design, tutoring online, or working as a virtual assistant. You might also consider forming your own limited liability company in order to benefit from the legal protections and tax advantages.

Find Remote Work

Before you hit the road with your pet, you need to find your first freelance clients. To secure work, Daniel Futerman recommends letting your personal and professional network know that you’re taking on clients, looking for job listings on online freelance platforms, promoting your services on social media, and creating your own website.

Network With Business Cards

Just because you’re looking for remote work doesn’t mean you can’t engage in networking and marketing offline, too! You might be interested in creating business cards that you can hand out to your friends and family, as well as potential customers who you meet on your travels. With a business card, you’ll be able to leave a memorable impression and give people something to hold on to.

Decide on Your Destinations

Now, you’re ready to plan your pet-friendly adventure! Research different destinations to find out which countries will be the safest and most welcoming for you and your pet. Avoid countries where your pet could encounter harmful diseases or would have to undergo a long quarantine before entering. Next, research the country’s entry requirements for your pet. Make sure they are up to date on their shots and that you’ve filled out the appropriate paperwork.

Find Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Before traveling to your destination, book accommodations that are specifically advertised as pet-friendly. Ensure that it’s in a safe location, and browse the photos to check if any of the home’s features would pose a threat to your pet. If you have a dog, choose a place where they will have access to outdoor space.

Digitize Your Documents

Whether they pertain to you or your pet, it’s also a good idea to digitize any important documents and save them on your devices. That way, they’re sure to be available if and when you need them. There are also lots of apps out there that you can use to make any edits or adjustments that are necessary, but if you’re looking for a free app with great reviews, give this a view!

Flying With Your Pet

Flying with your pet can be stressful! Prior to arriving at the airport, check your airline’s rules for flying with your pet. If your pet isn’t crate trained, you’ll need to focus on this before flying.

You might also need a secure but comfortable muzzle. You can even check with your veterinarian about anti-anxiety medication if you’re concerned that your pet will be stressed out during the flight. Cat owners might also consider CBD, which can have a profoundly calming effect.

Becoming a digital nomad marks the start of a new chapter in your life. With your pet by your side, you’ll be able to see the world and make money at the same time! By following these tips, from investing in a muzzle to digitizing your documents, you’ll be able to launch your business, find the perfect place to stay with your pet and make the most of your travels.

If you’re looking for a certified dog-trainer with great reviews, check out Pam4Paws and reach out today to get started!

Photo via Pexels