Woohoo, we got a new member, that’s a puppy. When a new member comes into our family it’s our responsibility to take care of it. And the responsibility of prepare a puppy for grooming is gigantic. Taking care of its health and appearance is a must.

Grooming a puppy can be most challenging, specifically starting the process at home on your own is a bit difficult. It’s important to understand how the puppy responds to being groomed at home initially.

Vectors of grooming puppies and tools

As it’s the pup’s initial grooming you should keep in mind to make the sessions pleasant for them. So, let’s look into some steps for grooming our pup-

1.   Begin At Home

Anything new can be stressful for anyone so why not a puppy might get stressed in his first grooming session. So, get him used to the idea of grooming at home to reduce his anxiety and the likelihood of challenging behavior.

There are several places where you can place the puppy and start the grooming process but according to experts, it is advised to place the puppy on an elevated surface and get hold of them firmly so that they feel safe while you do the process of grooming.

Sharply notice the puppy’s comfortable position and try to stick to it while doing the grooming.

Vectors of grooming puppies and tools

Few steps that will help you in grooming the pet more properly:

  • The legs of your dog should be touched all over.
  • The face, mouth, and ears of your dog should be touched affectionately(specifically near the eyes)
  • Include his legs, body, and face in the areas you brush your dog.
  • Pat your dog’s toes, wriggling and massaging them.
  • Kindly cling to your puppy’s tail..

2. Arrange Grooming sessions periodically

Usually, people take these grooming sessions lightly. But instead, they should consider each step with full enthusiasm. In the early weeks, it’s easier for the owner to groom them and make a habit of them. You should not be waiting for a long time. Depending upon the breed you should start the process as soon as possible.

Arrange Grooming sessions periodically

How the first grooming session should be?


The first grooming session should be short and gentle. According to experts, the following maintenance should be given.

  • Bathing
  • Brushing hair
  • Health checkup
  • Ear cleaning
  • Trimming face and body hair
  • Making them learn some etiquette.

3. Maintaining grooming at home

Apparently, it takes 6 to 8 weeks for your pup to be ready for the next appointment after grooming. There are a few simple things you can do at that time to make the subsequent grooming session go greased. Try the below few steps to get your pup groomed easily by you at home.

  • Trim Nails daily

Trim Nails daily

The big nails can be injurious to the owner as well as the pup itself. So it’s necessary to cut the nails as a part of grooming. They can either create medical issues if not trimmed properly.

  • Brushing


Regardless of breed, daily brushing will reduce shedding hair, avoid matting. Maintain your dog’s haircut, to give him the perfect appearance. Put brushing into your daily


  • Making them understand some etiquette.

Learning etiquette is a part of grooming too. You should teach some manners and habits to your puppy so that it behaves nicely in public. Play with them and make them feel safe around you. Make them learn when to sit, how to catch a ball, etc. Provide them with good food and other facilities.

Henceforth, these all steps are in the list of grooming. By following them you can be the best groomer for your pet puppy. Just remember that the initial stages are difficult to manage but as they get into the habit of grooming, everything goes smoothly and well managed.

Be a groomer on your own!!